We Are the Future

Most people think that this t-shirt idea just came about in the last couple of years, but it’s actually been around since 1975! That was when the first “Future is Female” shirt came about for women’s rallies. Now it has become iconic. It’s a symbol, really.

What does the future is female really mean?

What guys think it means: Women will take over and wipe out the existence of men and we will rule the world forever. 

 What feminists think it means: Having equal pay and equal opportunity for women. A future where there are just as many women in power as there are men. 

What I think it means: It’s an opportunity to show up for each other. An opportunity as women, to climb the ladder in our different careers without fear of being suppressed. An opportunity to lock arms with other women to encourage, motivate, and lift each other up. This goes far beyond the “golden rule.” The future is female is a movement for women everywhere to be unapologetically themselves without fear of judgement. That means no judgement, only support. 

How are you supporting the women around you? 

There are some practical ways to lift each other up.

-Making sure the women you work with are being heard. Especially when it comes to their ideas.

-Supporting and sharing women owned businesses.

-Not gossiping about other women.

Empowered women always empower other women to succeed.

Let’s go girls. (Cue Shania) 😉

-J 💋