Travel Guide: Scottsdale

Hi friends! 🙋‍♀️

I know that some of you are traveling and some are not, but whenever you do decide to travel again, put Scottsdale, Arizona on your travel list! Why, you ask? Scottsdale is such a gem! 

If you love great food, cocktails, shopping, and beautiful scenery then you will love Scottsdale.

I have put together a few spots for you to visit and a few tips that will help you along the way!

My friend, Alyssa and I had a blast on our little vacay and we definitely learned a few things the hard way haha. Here are a few tips for making your trip more enjoyable:

Make reservations every night!

Seriously, if we would have made more reservations to the places we wanted to eat, it would’ve saved us so much time. Most places use Yelp waitlist and OpenTable. Use those to set a time and try and do it in advance. Starting at 7pm all of the trendiest restaurants are on a 60-90 minute waitlist guaranteed!

Check out Lyft for your riding needs!

We used Uber most of the time, but one night we were looking to go to a spot that was about 5 miles down the road and I kid you not- It was $36!! 🙃

We checked Lyft and it was $8 😂 I don’t even understand this at all. Just trust me, check Lyft every time. Even our ride to the airport was about $12 cheaper than Uber.

If it’s hot outside, don’t kid yourself into thinking you are walking anywhere! LOL

We thought we would walk to the mall which is amazing btw and it was less than a mile and I thought I was going to have a heat stroke. Alright…that’s a little dramatic, but you get the point! I would say either rent a car or just go ahead and take that Lyft ride. You’ll thank me later. That 115 degree heat is no joke!

Now, let’s talk about the cool stuff you can do and by cool stuff, I really mean eat and drink! 😂

Diego Pops

We didn’t actually get to eat here because the wait was so long and we didn’t know that we needed to make reservations everywhere, but it’s a must go spot! We did have some skinny margs on their patio and honestly it was one of the best margs I’ve ever had. So that’s worth it! It’s also incredibly cute inside.

Morning Squeeze

This is a brunch spot and it’s so good! Try the mimosa flight- very inexpensive and you get to try all kinds of different flavors. The portions here are also very big. We shared and it was perfect!

The Canal Club

So, this restaurant was in our resort and it was the cutest place. Think old Havana meets Mad Men. Big neon sign and beautiful greenery everywhere. We only had breakfast here and it was delicious! We wanted to have dinner one night, but again we hadn’t caught on to the reservations thing yet! 😜 The cocktails were great though!


We had the best charcuterie board and wine here! We did a progressive dinner one night and this is where we started. It was super vibey when it got dark with all of their candles lit. I recommend the prosecco here and the Butcher’s Block board!

When it comes to shopping, you can’t beat the Fashion Square Mall! They have everything and it’s HUGE. Literally could get lost in there. We also found a cute little coffee shop right across from Nordstrom called The Press. Highly recommend an iced oatmilk latte there!

It was the perfect girls trip! We sat by the pool of our resort, sipped cocktails and even met a Hollywood writer (He said he was friends with Zac Efron, jury is still out on if that was true or not) but all in all it was a great time!

I definitely want to take Kalen with me next time especially now that I know how to get around and where to go! 👏🏻