Accessorize Me

Trendy or mid-century boy:  

First off, I tried the hair tie trend in a ponytail. Mine was more of a half up half down situation, because just a normal ponytail made me look like a colonial boy if we are being totally honest.

Only $4.90! Not bad for trying a new trend.

My thoughts on this trend are- I like it. I don’t love it, but definitely like it for switching up my normal hairstyle routine. I think I would like to try just tying a scarf and see if I actually like that better. I say experiment and see which style works best for you!

My middle school self would approve:

I finally caved. I had avoided this trend long enough and I just decided to go for it! Found this entire 7 piece set on Amazon for $7.99. Such a steal!

I really had mixed feelings about these at first, but I have to say that I really love this accessory. I think it livens up a straight hairstyle or even a sleek ponytail. My only concern was that I was going to look like I was 10 years old again, because trust me, I had some amazing butterfly, multicolored, and straight up glitter clips at that age. These felt much more sophisticated and I really like that!

Gossip Girl forever:

I had a Blair moment here! I really like this headband and I chose to style with curled hair, but I will also try it out with straight hair soon as well.

Tons of different colors!

My initial thought was, I can’t wear a headband because it will make my ears stick out, but there are ways to maneuver it to hide the ears. I’m glad that I took the chance and tried it out! I really liked this style!

To wrap it up…

Overall, I think what makes styling so fun, is experimenting with new trends and things that you never thought you could rock. Spoiler alert: you can actually rock anything you like!

Experiment with your style this week and let me know what you find!