Quarantine Nails

Hello friends! It’s been a bit since I’ve been on here, but I am so happy to be back and ready to give you the content you deserve! 

I have been pretty religious about getting my nails done every two to three weeks for the past few years and when this quarantine hit, I was in need (not really 🙃) of nails! I decided out of desperation to try out these press on nails that I started seeing everywhere. 

So, here is my honest review of the three brands I have used.

Static Nails

I started off with Static Nails. You have probably seen countless Instagram ads for them! Price point is at $14-$16 which isn’t bad at all considering I pay way more for gel or dip. I am happy to report that these nails live up to the hype. I am so impressed by the quality of both the nail and the glue that came in the set. I didn’t have a single nail pop off before a week of wearing them and I am sooo rough on nails. I was instantly impressed! I was able to re glue any that did come off after that first week and they lasted a total of 2 weeks before I wanted a change.

Kiss Nails

Next, I tried the brand Kiss that is available at any Target or Walmart. Price point is around $6-$10. I had high hopes for this brand! I bought a shorter, more manageable length and really thought that I would love these. I just didn’t! They immediately started popping off, one after another and I had to constantly re glue. I liked the shape of these nails a lot and thought they had a ton of options! I just found that I couldn’t keep them on for long. I might give these another go though!

Edary Nails

The next brand that I tried was even worse than the Kiss ones! I bought the brand Edary from Amazon. The price point on these were $10-$12. They were short, square and the perfect color! Unfortunately they did the same thing, but even worse. They kept falling off right and left! I would lose them, because they would just pop off randomly even without me knowing haha.

My conclusion:

I used Static Nails again just to REALLY make sure and I am happy to say, they are the BEST. I definitely bought waaayyy too long of nails, but they have stayed on so well. Next time I will buy the shorter ones and I even want to try out their polish! 

I highly recommend trying out the Static Nails. They are the pricier of the three, but worth every penny if you want them to last!

Check out Static Nails here. 🤩