Practical Tips for Planning a Wedding

Hi friends! 🤗

It’s nice to be back on here! I thought this would be a fun blog post to start with on my week of wedding things! As some of you may know, Kalen and I got married last December and I never actually posted any of our wedding details here! So, I decided it would be fun to relive it again and let you all in on some of our practical planning tips to start. We hope these help!

From our engagement shoot at the Salt Flats in Salt Lake City, Utah

First things first! 🗣

To avoid getting too overwhelmed, start with your basics. This time can get stressful if you try to take on too much too fast. First things first! Talk about what is most important to you and that’s what you spend the most money on. For us, that was photography, video, and venue. We knew we wanted these things to be what we would look back on and love.

What are you wanting to spend? 💸

Once you decide the things that are most important, you can start discussing what you are willing to spend on them. To be honest, we didn’t stay within a super strict budget, but knew the overall number we wanted to stay within and for us that was about 10-12k for the entire wedding. I suggest you do what works for you both. If having a strict budget is helpful then do that! For me, I was less stressed when things were costing me a bit more, knowing that I could work it out and save a little somewhere else.

Venue was our top priority. ✔️

Focus on booking your venue first. That was our #1 priority! You want to make sure you get on the books for the date you want. We had to compromise on our date because our venue was already booked for the original date we wanted. The most important thing here is to not take on everything at once! Celebrate each milestone as you go. When you book your venue, take a minute to breathe and celebrate! Then move on to the next task. Make sure to enjoy this!

Teamwork makes the dream work! 🤝

Work together as a team! Afterall you are about to become a team forever. 😉 Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your significant other. I hear from plenty of people that their S.O. did not help in the planning of the wedding and what a missed opportunity! I honestly couldn’t have done it without Kalen. I think we were maybe more 60/40 and him being the 60% when it came to the planning. Of course Kalen is a professional soccer player with a bit more time on his hands, but still at the end of the day he wanted to help and I appreciated that more than anything! So, ask for help and don’t be afraid to give your future spouse some tasks if they don’t know where to start. Making phone calls and emailing vendors is always a great way to start! Doesn’t take a lot of time and it helps keep you both in the know about your wedding.

Don’t forget to have fun! 😃

At the end of the day, it’s all about you and your significant other! Talk, strategize, but also don’t forget to have fun! This time flies by and I know you’ve heard that from everyone and their mom, but it’s SO true. Savor this time and part of your journey together! ❤️

Kalen is the most fun! So happy he kept me smiling through wedding planning. 🥰