How I Grew My Email List with The LadyBossBlogger Course 🤩

Hi friends! I’m so excited to tell you more about what I’m learning with LadyBossBlogger! Just a few weeks ago I mentioned this course that I’m taking and how you can enter to win a FREE blogger course yourself. I am loving the results from this course:  How To Start A Money Making Blog.

I’ve finally been able to grow my email list! I have been implementing what I’ve learned from the course and setting up an email list. I never truly knew just how important it was to have a strong email list of your followers. The LadyBossBlogger course by Elaine Rau teaches that social media followers are never fully guaranteed because you don’t own them. It can ebb and flow with the Instagram and Facebook algorithm, but your email subscriber list is a way to always have access to your followers! It’s a great way to incorporate fresh new content that is valuable to them all while building your blogging business through having these contacts.

Email marketing is so incredibly useful! It’s an important tool no matter where you are in growing your blog. I thought because I was a nano influencer that I needed to wait to build my email marketing strategy. I am quickly realizing that it can be done no matter how small your following is. In fact, it can increase your reach and help you grow your audience exponentially when you target your niche!

I’m so excited to continue my journey with the help of LadyBossBlogger courses and see how far I can go with this simple, yet effective information.

If you’re interested in growing your following and creating an email marketing strategy that works, check out this course! It’s broken down so well and easy to implement.

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Thank you to LadyBossBlogger and Elaine Rau for sponsoring this post.